Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sandisk 64GB Micro SDXC card is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S3

If you would like to extend the external memory of your Samsung galaxy S3, you can purchased a Sandisk 64GB Micro SDXC card to it. Yes! its already confirmed that it also works on the Galaxy S3, that was previously proven works with  the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Tablets.

In Samsung Galaxy S3 the internal memory card can reach up to 64MB.Yes, the Galaxy SIII supports a 64GB microSD card. Some other devices like Galaxy Note support only 32GB but they also run 64GB with ease. So there is no need to worry. 64GB is still not very popular and only a few brands manufacture them. But brands like San-disk and Transcend are recommended. Although Class 6 is enough, if you can shell out more money, go for Class 10.

The Galaxy S3 also feature a full exFAT formatting support. You can format a 64GB micro SDXC card to exFAT and copied over about 40GB of data files like videos, songs and etc. All files will worked without having any issues, and furthermore the media scanner was extremely quick.

Here's a highlight of the confirmation that the Sandisk 64GB Micro SDXC cards worked on Samsung Galaxy S III.
I'm really pleased to bring you the exclusive first confirmation that not only do these work with the Galaxy S III, but they also feature full exFAT formatting support (as we speculated they would based on Samsung's announcement in concert with Supercurio's analysis).

I was fortunate enough to have a couple of hours of undisturbed hands-on time with the Galaxy S III this afternoon, so naturally in advance I formatted a 64GB micro SDXC card to exFAT and copied over about 40GB of FLAC songs, video files and emulator ROMS.

First, the great news: the card works perfectly in the S III, there was no warning that the card was damaged like there is when they are placed into devices that don't support exFAT, all files worked without issues, and furthermore the media scanner was extremely quick.

The not so great news? I was unable to benchmark the card in the phone. I was blocked first of all by an ICS issue; it only connects to the PC via MTP, and that doesn't play nicely with the benchmarking software. Next I tried to benchmark the card with on-phone apps, however Samsung have changed the mount location of the external SD card, so those apps were unable to 'see' the card.

I did of course benchmark the card on a PC with two different readers. Interestingly the two results differed depending on the card reader. On one the large sequential read and write speeds were significantly improved, while small read speeds were diminished, and small write speeds were essentially unchanged. On the other, large read and write speeds showed only a modest improvement, but small write speeds virtually doubled. I've put both results below for you.

If you want to purchased this microSD card, I have found an affordable prices from amazon.

You can read more about Sandisk 64GB Micro SDXC cards compatibility with Samsung Galaxy S3 on AndroidNZ.net

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