Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV via WiFi

Here's how you  can connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV.
If you want to watch a streaming photos and videos on your large screen TV from your Samsung Galaxy S3 is very awesome. There are two methods on how you can enable it by using two main accessories introduced by Samsung.

Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV using AllShare Cast Dongle via Wi-Fi

The Samsung AllShare Cast Dongle can be connected to your HDTV to enable the streaming of content from your Samsung Galaxy S3. The dongle plugs into an HDMI port on your TV set and photos and videos can then be streamed to the TV via Wi-Fi.

If you're looking to pair up a brand new Galaxy S III with a bigger screen, but you're not yet part of the Smart TV generation, then this little accessory could get you out of a fix. It's palm-sized with a single blue LED light indicating a connection, but honestly you don't ever need to look at it: it doesn't need line-of-sight to your handset because it uses a wireless protocol called WiFi Display, which means you can happily leave it dangling out of the way behind your TV. The unit has two cables: one for power and the other for the HDMI connection to your TV, which can transmit up to 1080p video and audio. As you'll see in the hands-on video after the break, it works for direct mirroring, so you can watch movies, play games or reel off holiday slideshows. But it also has a more enterprise-focused feature, in the form of a slideshow function in cahoots with the Polaris Office app, which means you can use your GS III as a controller for a presentation. It's a simple idea, but it all seemed to work smoothly and we can imagine it coming in pretty handy.

Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV using HDMI adapter

This official MHL adaptor for the Samsung Galaxy S3 allows you to create an HDMI output via your handset's microUSB connection.

This cable connects to the MicroUSB connection on the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and provides a HDMI port into which you can connect an HDMI cable which in turn connects to a HDMI screen.

You can too connect a microUSB mains power cable to the device at the same time as the MHL HDTV adapter has a microUSB port on it to accept power. So, you can watch a film stored on the Galaxy S3, play it through your 42" HDTV and keep the phone charged at the same time.

If you already have a device such as a Samsung Galaxy S II or Nexus that has MHL/video out through the microUSB port then be aware, if you own the accessory that allows you to connect it to a HD display, IT WILL NOT WORK with the Galaxy S III.

The Galaxy S3 has a different pin connection so you need a different adapter, which you can buy.
It works in exactly the same way but has the correct pin connections so your S3 display will be shown on a HD monitor or TV. If you too have an MHL enabled monitor like the one we demonstrated here, you will too need this accessory as the current microUSB MHL cables do not support the S3, it is hardware related rather than software. Here's a guide for the MHL to HDMI connection to your Smart TV sets.

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  1. I've been searching the web for this info, being able to watch videos on a big screen tv using my gs3 was a deal breaker for me. Now that you've shown me how, I'm thoroughly contented ....hallelujah!