Sunday, July 15, 2012

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to smartTV using MHL to HDMI adapter

If you already bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 MHL to HDMI Adapter and want to connect your phone to a smartTV or any LED TV and LCD TV sets with HDMI input options you can do it as simple steps ahead.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 MHL to HDMI Adapter cable connects to the MicroUSB connection on the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and provides a HDMI port into which you can connect an HDMI cable which in turn connects to a HDMI TV screen. So, you can watch a film stored on the Galaxy S3,browse your photos or play it through your flat widescreen TV and keep the phone charged at the same time.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with large internal memory or can even upgraded up to 64GB external SD card. So you can load more photos, videos, music on your Galaxy S3. This options lets stream your photos, watch movies (iTunes, NetFlix), videos, MTV, Podcast, on your HDTV via your Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 HDMI adapter is portable and easy to use. This MHL to HDMI Adapter is one of the must have Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories, So that you can turn your Galaxy S3 in a full-featured home entertainment and presentation system when coupled with an HDTV.

Here's the MHL to HDMI Adapter connection guide from Samsung Galaxy S3 and TV:
1. Connect your MHL Adapter on your Samsung Galaxy S3 micro USB port.
2. Connect the HDTV using the HDMI cable to the MHL Adapter
3. Connect the MHL Adapter external power supply (5V, 500mA), this is needed so that the Adapter will work and convert the MHL to HDMI signal from your Samsung Galaxy S3 to HDTV.

Once you connect the MHL Adapter you simply need to set your TV to HDMI input options and then also restart your Samsung Galaxy S3 after connecting your MHL adapter to TV.


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  2. My MHL Adapter starts (S3 to HD TV) to cause static and intermittent annoying shutdowns after about a half hr of streaming from Netflix or Redbox. Movies become unwatchable.
    Static appears to be caused by background services on the S3 such as sync processes, upgrades, etc. I used the supplied MHL-HDMI adapter on my older Samsung Infusion Cellphone for months, - never had problems. The S3 uses a newer compatible adapter but IT DOES NOT WORK.
    Based on Samsung tech support I used a newer 1.0 amp or better P/S but it makes no difference. If U have to buy one - don't waste your money. (Any suggestions on correcting this frustrating problem?)