Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to Computer (Windows & Mac OS)

It is the third generation successor to Samsung's previous flagship phones, the Samsung Galaxy S II. It has an HD (720 x 1280 pixels, 4.8 inches) Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display with Corning Gorilla Glass 2, an improved camera system, and Google's new version of its Android operating system, Android OS, v4.0.4 , codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S3 in hand, you probably have good experience on it. This guide will show you some tips on how to connect the Galaxy S III to PC for transferring music, picture, video files to Galaxy S III.

The Samsung Galaxy S III uses two Media device mode the (MTP) and Camera (PTP) mode only.

Guide: How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to to PC with Windows OS via USB.

1. Use a USB cable to connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 to a Windows computer.
2. This connection uses the MTP protocol, which is supported by most recent versions of Windows.
3. When you connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 to the USB port on your Windows computer, its USB storage is mounted as a drive and appears on your computer screen.
4. Now you can copy music, picture, video files to Samsung Galaxy S3 from windows PC as you using any other external device.
5. When you’re finished, simply disconnect the Samsung Galaxy S3 by unplugging the USB cable.

Note: If you are using USB tethering, you must turn that off before you can use USB to transfer files between your Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and Windows computer.

Guide: How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to to PC with MAC OS via USB.
This connection uses the MTP protocol, which is not supported by Mac OS X natively. Therefore, you first need to install the free Android File Transfer application on your Macintosh. It’s available from www.android.com/filetransfer, along with instructions on how to install it. After you install Android File Transfer, follow these steps:
1. If you are using Android File Transfer for the first time, double-click it to open it.
2. After you start Android File Transfer once, it opens automatically whenever you connect your device to your computer.
3. Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable.
4. Android File Transfer starts, if it’s not already running, and opens a window that displays the contents of your device, along with storage space details at the bottom of the window.
5. If it were a Finder window: opening and closing folders, creating new folders, and dragging music, picture, video files to Samsung Galaxy S3 from Mac PC. Disconnect the USB cable when you're finished.

 Update: Seems this ain't work anymore with the latest firmware updates on Galaxy S3.  Both companies doesn't like each other, and users get affected by their bloody war. I tried transferring files using bluetooth but it keeps sending failed, then again I tried sending files via e-mail, it works but heck that was not a fix solution. Some fixes i found out is to use a free 3rd party application from Google play store. I used a free file manager application, hope you could find out any best solution for this issue too.

Guide: How to connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to PC wirelessly via WiFi (Windows and Mac OSX)
Samsung has also added a convenience to Galaxy S3 users, such features is that you can also connect your Galaxy S3 device to PC wirelessly, and sync your content, via Wi-Fi. Buit some functionality  is limited when device connected to Kies via Wi-Fi compared to connection via USB. All you need to have is Samsung Kies installed on your PC or laptop. This will work both on computers with Windows and Mac OS, just download and install Samsung  Kies according to your computer's operating system.


  1. Thank you!!! It worked!!

  2. Android File Transfer doesn't recognize my S3 since I updated the phone's firmware. This seems to be a bug affecting everyone who updates their S3. What a nuisance. Don't Samsung test things like compatibility with OSX before they release updates?

  3. same here. After updating to 4.0.4 imac and mackbook do not recognize the S3...
    very BAD!!!