Saturday, June 23, 2012

How to Insert New SIM Card on Samsung Galaxy S3

Okay you got a new Samsung galaxy S3 in hand, so where to start? Mostly first timer will insert a new SIM card to the phone. If it is your first time to open up your Samsung Galaxy S3 and wonder how to insert a micro SIM card unto it, here's how simply to do it.

You need a micro SIM card to start with,  the phone shop will provide you I working SIM card but then you can also switch it over to another mobile network provider if your Galaxy S3 is unlock or unbranded version.

1. You may firstly removed the back cover by gently hold at the top and bottom edges and slit it upward.

2.  If the battery if already inserted to it, just simply remove it by lifting at the top left.

3. Now, when the battery is removed, slit the Micro SIM into the SIM tray facing to the correct direction.

4. Put back the battery once the SIM card is already installed.

5. Then gently replace back the back cover by smoothly applying pressure along the edges

That's it! you have now your Samsung Galaxy S3 inserted with a new SIM card.

You may also visit Vodafone UK youtube channel for the video guide.

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