Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to Change the Lockscreen Shortcut Icons on your Samsung Galaxy S3

These are instructions on how to change and customize your Samsung Galaxy S3 Lockscreen to display your calendar, mail, calls, sms, weather, twitter, facebook, todo, apps and more. On the Samsung Galaxy S III you can change the content on your lock screen of your own choice.

Change your Samsung  Galaxy S3 Lockscreen Shortcuts:
This option will allow you to make shortcuts to the features or apps that you use the most. Turn them on and off by swiping the button next to where is reads Shortcuts. You can change the shortcuts on the lockscreen by pressing down on your screen where it says Shortcuts, when you do this you will be taken to a different screen where you can remove and add new shortcuts simply by pressing the icon you want to get rid of and dragging it into the thrash can that appears at the bottom of the screen.
Customizing the Lock Screen Settings - including shortcuts icons
1) Tap "Menu"
2) Tap "Settings"
3) Tap "Security"
4) Tap "Lock Screen Options"
5) Tap "Shortcuts", it will take to "Set shortcuts"options menu.
Then you can set or add any icons as you like. Just tap the “+” symbol to get up the list of available new shortcuts to choose from. 

That's it! you change the lockscreen shortcuts icons on your Samsung Galaxy S3 as often as you like.

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