Friday, July 6, 2012

UK Samsung Galaxy S3 III I9300 Gets New I9300XXBLFB Official Firmware Update

United Kingdom unbranded Samsung Galaxy S III now again receives another Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware update with a build number of I9300XXBLFB. This is the 2nd time in row that UK Galaxy S3 users can update again to the newest firmware build from previous released I9100XXALF2.

This said new update seems will take effect with only some minor changes from previous build. And now of course the big question is: what has changed? Or rather: what has improved? Since the Galaxy S3 releases in UK market some users already complaining some issues like the re-drawing in the home screen and the auto brightness control problem.

Firmware info:
Model: Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300
Region: Europe
Country: United Kingdom

So let's tackle for a while and check out some as we have just performed the update until it is too early to find all kinds of things to make with certainty - that we do over the next few days though.

I9300XXBLFB ICS 4.0.4 Changes and New Features

  • The camera voice recognition has new 11 mode icon change, as well as added feedback,
  • Camera voice recognition - icon changed
  • Camera voice recognition - feedback
  • Camera - wand - 11 new modes
  • Lock screen - camera launch quicker
  • Adjust screen tone
  • Swype - now works in google search box
  • Swype - now works in address bar for searching
  • Swype - improved accuracy
  • Text messages - attachment icon on the left
  • Text messages - message box width reduced
  • Text messages - delete specific messages in a conversation
  • Sound crackling - (A sound crackling notices after long use)
  • Audio application checkbox
  • Email - update time
  • Email - message body
  • Long press power for silent/vibrate
New featured apps

  • S planner - week view changed
  • S planner month,
  • S planner task,
  • S planner mini today
  • Clock
  • desk clock
  • digital clock
  • all share cast
  • Notifications brightness

Redraw issue (not sure if already fix)
The "redraw bug - in which the interface should be displayed remarkably slow again after you come out of an app we have not seen - but that we had before the update either. Or so this is resolved, we can not say

Some controls seems a little bit improved and become smother - many will not (as far as this can also, of course). As I said, hopefully we can soon see more changes and or report improvements and either some bugs issues appears. If you've already updated your Galaxy S3 with this I9300XXBLFB update and came up with some interesting things? Let us know and share to us all below!

source: thanks to shaklebolt

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