Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Set a Password on your Samsung Galaxy S3

If you need to have your Samsung Galaxy S3 like contacts, SMS, MMS, browsing history and etc. remains in private then you may needed to setup your own password unto it so that you are the only one can access the phone.  On this guide we'll show you how to create or setup your own personal password directly to the phone.

To Set a Password on your Samsung Galaxy S3

* From the Home Screen> Tap on "Settings".
* Scroll down and then Tap “Security”,(then it opens up).
* Select “Security Lock” on that screen.
* Tap on “Password”.
* On the “Select Password Screen”. enter your desired unlock password and then press on the “Continue” button.
* Confirm your "password", enter the password again then tap the “OK” button.

More options for security lock
For quick lock mode without waiting time, just tick on the check box “Lock instantly with power key” within the “Security” screen.
For a little bit delayed in a few seconds before it gets locked, tick the check box “with swipe lock” ON. Do not tick “lock instantly with power button” checkbox and then select on “Lock automatically”.

You may then  verify if your Password is working.

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